Adventurous spirits.

If you like Scotch, try Mezcal.

Scotch lovers will love the smoky and earthy depths of a fine mezcal. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in a Paper Airplane cocktail.

If you like Bourbon, try Rum.

Bourbon and rum are more similar than they may seem at first blush. Both can have rich caramel flavors, but rum turns it up to 11. For more vanilla character, try an aged rum.

If you like herbal liquors, try Amaro.

Fans of herbal liquors like Jägermeister or Chartreuse should try an Italian Amaro. Amaros are incredibly complex and no two taste exactly the same. They also can bring that special something to elevate your favorite cocktail.

If you like Vodka, try Soju

Fans of vodka should try Soju. Soju, a Korean spirit made from rice and other grains, brings a subtle sweetness to the party. Ranging from around 16% to up to around 50% ABV, Soju make a great replacement for vodka in cocktails or enjoy neat.